Feature Highlight : WOM (Watch Over Me)

What is WOM?

Imagine driving somewhere, or finding yourself in a place where you feel a little unsafe and need someone to know where you are, and to watch over you, like a guardian angel until you have arrived at your destination safely. That is what WOM will do for you. Once you activate WOM all your WOM contacts will receive a personal message from you via SOTERIA that you have activated Watch Over Me. They will be able to chat directly with you in SOTERIA as well track your whereabouts. A personal message will be sent to your WOM contacts once you switch WOM off .

Click here to follow these step-by-step instructions to set WOM up on SOTERIA.

A personal message is sent to your WOM contacts to notify them that you have activated Watch Over Me.

You will be able to see who of your family / friends have activated WOM

SOTERIA will open Google maps and show you where your friends are


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