When you are trying to add a WOM Contact and your contact list is empty you need to Update Your SOTERIA Contact list with your phones address book. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Click on Menu - top right corner
  2. Click on "Contacts" in the menu list
  3. Click on "UPDATE PHONE BOOK"
  4. SOTERIA will sync all your contacts in your address book who are already SOTERIA users and add them to your Contacts List
    1. NB! Depending on the size of your address book this could take a while.
  5. On completion click on the back button - Top left corner
  6. If SOTERIA found any contacts who are SOTERIA users they will be listed under the  "Recommend contacts" screen
  7. Click on "Recommended contacts"
  8. Add who you want to be on your SOTERIA contacts list