What is WOM (Watch Over Me)

WOM (Watch Over Me) in a nutshell is a feature within SOTERIA that allows your WOM Contacts to follow your current position for as long as you have WOM activated.

There are 3 main things to know with regards to WOM;

  1. Setting up your WOM contacts (These will be your friends who will be able to follow you while you have WOM activated)
  2. Activating WOM and switching WOM off (Only while your WOM is activated will your WOM contacts be able to follow you)
  3. Following your friends who have activated WOM (How do you go and follow your friends who have activated their WOM)


  1. Setting up your WOM contacts
    1. Add contacts to your SOTERIA account - Click here for instructions
    2. Select who your WOM contacts are going to be. These are your very close most trusted family or friends. People who wouldn't mind getting a notification from you at 2am in the morning to be your guardian angel. Click here to see step by step how to select your WOM Contacts
  2. Activating WOM and switching WOM off
    1. Click on the floating red button on the bottom right hand side of the Home screen
    2. After it opens up, there will be three new buttons. Press on the top one "WOM" to activate your WOM
    3. You will be notified that WOM is activated by a pop up screen and that your WOM contacts will now be able to see your location
    4. Each of the WOM contacts you have chosen with get a message directly to them to let them know you have activated WOM
    5. When you press on the floating red button again you will see the same three button except now, the WOM button is red, meaning that it is activated. When you press on it now it will switch WOM off, your contacts will be notified and no longer will your location be available to anybody.
  3. Following your friends who have activated WOM or How do my WOM contacts see where I am
    1. While you have WOM activated, any of your WOM Contacts can see your current location
    2. If you received a notifications from a friend that they have activated WOM, this is how you can keep an eye on them
    3. Click on Menu and then on WOM
  4. You will see a location for the contact who has activated WOM
  5. Click on that contact
  6. SOTERIA will open your phones local browser to Google maps and show you the position at that moment
  7. Please note that the map does not update the location. This will be updated in future development of SOTERIA