I am not receiving any notifications

SOTERIA has a very unique sound that you will hear when a message, or alert is sent to you. You will also see a message has come in from SOTERIA as well has the amount of unread messages, like any other social media app we are used to. However, you might find that due to certain settings on your phone the notifications are not coming through, and them when you open SOTERIA you see there are a plethora of unread messages waiting for you to read. This is definitely due to local phone settings. Here are some of the settings you can go have a look at. This is for a Samsung phone, if you have a different phone your's should be more or less the similar. I do have the instructions for a Huawei phone here.

  1. Go to your phones settings
  2. Select Applications
  3. Select Application Manager
  4. Find SOTERIA
  5. Click on Permissions
  6. Check that all Permissions are
  7. Go back and select Notifications
  8. Switch the following on
    • Allow notifications
    • Set as priority
    • Preview in pop-ups
  9. Go back to Settings
  10. Select Battery
  11. Click on DETAIL under App power saving
  12. Look for Soteria
  13. Select Disabled