How to Add WOM Contacts

  1. Click on Menu (top right corner - 3 bars)
  2. Select "Me - My Personal Details"
  3. Scroll down until you find "WOM Contacts"
  4. Click on the plus to add a contact as a WOM Contact
  5. Select all the contacts you would like to add as WOM contacts, you can choose from 1 - 10 people as WOM Contacts
  6. Once you have selected your contact/s press "Save"
  7. Click on Menu again
  8. Select and click on "Home"
  9. Press on the floating emergency button on the bottom right corner
  10. After it opens up, there will be three new buttons. Press on the top one "WOM" to activate your WOM
  11. You will be notified that WOM is activated by a pop up screen and that your WOM contacts will now be able to see your location
  12. Each of the WOM contacts you have chosen with get a message directly to them to let them know you have activated WOM
  13. When you press on the floating red button again you will see the same three button except now, the WOM button is red, meaning that it is activated. When you press on it now it will switch WOM off, your contacts will be notified and no longer will your location be available to anybody.

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