How to add your Groups in SOTERIA

The main purpose for groups in SOTERIA is to manage who will be notified when an emergency is triggered. In a nutshell, SOTERIA combines all the groups in a particular category (On the road(blue), In my Neighborhood(green), My Family(pink) or Emergency(red)) when an alert is triggered. All the groups are colour coded in SOTERIA. You are able to create your own groups, OR you can be added to someone elses group, like for example a driving party or neighborhood watch area.

Follow these instructions to create groups of your own.

!!!NB - You have to have at least one group set up in each of the 4 categories, even if it's only one person in each of your groups (the person in each category can be the same person, for example a spouse). SOTERIA will not send an alert unless there is a group set up for that alert category. The only alert that will work without a group created is the RED SOS panic button that is found when you press the red floating button on the home screen.

  1. Click menu button top right corner
  2. Select menu item "Groups"
  3. Click on "Create New Group" top right corner
  4. Select EMERGENCY category or any category you would like to create a group in. As an example, my wife created a group with only me in it for every category, so that I will always be notified should she trigger any alert of any category.
    •  This is an example of the alert screen. The alerts are also divided up in the 4 categories.
  5. Give your group a name - for example "Neil's Emergency Group"
  6. You can search through your contacts using the search field, or browse down to select the person or people you want to add in this group. Add you spouse, child, parent or friend for now. You can always add more people to this group later on
  7. The blue plus button will change to a gray x button when the person is selected
  8. Click "Create" to complete
  9. You will be taken into the Chat page for that group and will be able to chat to the person / people in that group straight away
  10. Click the "Back" button to go back to the main Groups page. You will see your newly created group there.
  11. Follow steps 3 - 10 until you have a group with at least one person in every category. Blue - "On the Road", Green - "In My Neighborhood", Pink - "My family" and Red - "Emergency"
  12. Now you are set up for any emergency, and from here you can grow your groups, ask to be added to community or friend groups.
  13. You can have multiple groups in the same category
  14. In the Home Chat screen all groups will have the colour category bar on the left of the chat label.