SOTERIA Broadcast Channels are used to send real-time relevant updates to SOTERIA users. A manned 24/7 Incident Control Centre (ICC) has operators who monitors all reports coming from SOTERIA users who report on issues they see and other resources used that will affect the safety of other users. The Safe Freeway Project already has over 9,000 registered uses who report on issues on the freeways in the Western Cape. This is a very valuable resource that is used to gather and feed information to our network.

Being able to select a specific Broadcast Channel gives SOTERIA users the opportunity to be informed only on whatever interests them. Broadcast Channels vary from incidents on the roads as well as in neighborhoods. Our ICC works very closely with many Neighborhood Watches and the information broadcast within areas are mainly from the NHW we work closely with.

You can select to join any broadcast list within SOTERIA