The Safe Freeway Project and SOTERIA

The Safe Freeway Project now available in an App on your Smart Phone

Cape Town, South Africa – April 2017 – The founders of the Safe Free Way project and Safety Information Systems (Pty) LTD (SIS) have developed a Smart Phone application called SOTERIA to handle their broadcasted Safety Messages. Every day and all day long Operators in the Incident Control Centre (ICC) gather Real-time, Relevant and Reliable information on our freeways and broadcast this information to subscribers of the Safe Freeway Project. Up to now the Safe Freeway Project has been using WhatsApp as a method of broadcasting these messages to all of its subscribers.

The WhatsApp platform is great for social media chatting but it was not designed as a Safety Application. SOTERIA was designed from the ground up as a Social Safety App and can do so much more than just distribute Broadcast messages from the Safe Freeway Project. Broadcast messages in SOTERIA are improved as you can now select which Broadcast Channels you want to subscribe to and not have to receive messages about Areas and Freeways that you don’t Travel or are not interested in. You just get Real-time, Relevant and Reliable information from the ICC. New Broadcast channels are added all the time as our user locations increase or as new regional incidents occur line the Zuma protests etc.

Other features on SOTERIA include:

  1. A fully functional Individual and Group Instant Messaging Chat System
  2. Watch Over Me (WOM)
  3. Emergency Notifications and Alerts

All while being connected to our manned ICC with a trained operator ready to help.

WOM is a great feature of SOTERIA. This is a tool that will be used to keep a close eye on your traveling loved ones. When activated WOM will give only previously select contact access to your pinpoint location on a google earth map, enabling you to watch over the travels of those closest to you, ensuring their safety. An individual chat is opened between the one activating WOM and his or her WOM contacts allowing easy communication, location sharing and even picture sharing along this trip. After arriving safely WOM is turned off and all WOM contacts are notified. Watch this space, WOM will become a common household phrase.

We are especially excited about the Alert function in SOTERIA and how it uses your groups to pull your Social contacts together when you need them. SOTERIA has two Alerting functions: I am reporting an incident that I have seen, or I need help. When reporting an incident that you have seen in your neighbourhood or on the freeway, just you and the ICC are involved and once the operator verifies the incident they will activate emergency services and maybe even broadcast it out on a Broadcast Channel. When activating an “I need help” On the Road Alert SOTERIA pulls your previously created On the Road groups together and lets these contacts know that you require assistance. Your Location is given and a temporary group chat is opened to see you through your emergency. The ICC operator keeps a close watch on the incident to make sure your contacts are helping you, if not, the operator will step in and help. This is a powerful tool with many different applications, here is an example of a possible scenario.

Your local Neighbourhood Watch’s sector leader installs SOTERIA on his/her device and creates a group for your suburb. They also add Your NHW control room in that group and any other regular patrollers in and around your area. So now when you activate an “I need Help” Neighbourhood Alert a new temporary group is created with any other groups you might also have in the Neighbourhood category and all patrollers and the entire suburb is notified and can assist in your time of emergency. Imagine a thief trying to escape an area when all the people in that suburb are on high alert and assisting the person in trouble. This is what we mean by Social Safety.  Can you think of other scenarios? Maybe a traveling group or a club working on a project together, a school outing etc.

We know that if we stand together we can make our freeways and neighbourhoods safer.

SOTERIA is a tool we are using to create a network of like-minded individuals to unite against criminal activity on the roads and in our neighbourhoods. There is nothing more powerful than a community that stands together for a cause. Always remember, we are more than the criminal!

SOTERIA can be downloaded from the Google Play store and the Apple App store, the first 7 days are free thereafter a small annual fee of R89 per year is required to be part of this network joined by a common app, SOTERIA.

SOTERIA – Connected – Together – Safer


Safety Information Systems (Pty) LTD

Western Cape, South Africa

Neil Slater


Urgent request for Safe Freeway Project members to convert to SOTERIA


Dear Safe Freeway Project Member,

Herewith is an urgent request for all our Safe Freeway Members who are able to, to convert from the WhatsApp system to SOTERIA. The video in this post has a short tutorial on setting up the minimum in SOTERIA to be able to receive broadcast updates from a Safe Freeway operator.

If you have an iPhone or Android 5.0 and above device, you are able to run the new system SOTERIA on your phone.

Our device that send out the WhatsApp broadcasts is taking on a lot of strain and crashing or lagging all the time.

Thank you,

From the Safe Freeway Project Team

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SOTERIA – The Social Safety App

SOTERIA is an app thank connects like minded individuals. It is a tool that helps us stand together, united for safer roads and communities. There is nothing more powerful than a community standing united for a cause. Join the SOTERIA Network. Download SOTERIA here


Please be aware that SOTERIA is in it’s infancy (beta) still and we are still fixing minor bugs. Your patience and feedback is highly appreciated as you pioneer this ultimate safety app with us. We have already identified some small bugs that will soon be corrected. Please read though the below issues while we correct these known bugs.

General issues:

  1. If you are already a subscriber with The Safe Freeway Project, you need to sill register with SOTERIA and your subscription will be transfered to the SOTERIA database
  2. SOTERIA is only available to Android 5.0 users and above
    • If your Android version is outdated please notify The Safe Freeway Project, so you can stay on their WhatsApp Broadcast list for notifications until you upgrade your phone to Android 5.0 or above.
  3. We do not yet have a tutorial in SOTERIA. Therefore we strongly suggest you read through the Getting Started post as well as the Step-By-Step instruction forum on setting SOTERIA up.
  4. Note: When you close SOTERIA you will still receive push Notifications when we broadcast an update through any of the channels you have joined. We suggest closing SOTERIA so that the background plugin does not keep running. This will use more than usual battery power. The background plugin should only keep running when you have WOM activated.
    1. Android user: You close the app by pressing the back button continually until you get the pop-up message to confirm you want to exit SOTERIA.
    2. Apple users: Press the Single (home) button twice and swipe SOTERIA upwards will close the app.

Hauwei users:

  1. Read the important notice on Huawei – Click Here for post
  2. Huawei has a very aggressive battery saving policy and therefore prevents apps to run in the background. There are some manual settings that need to be set up to receive these push notifications.

iPhone users:

  1. SOTERIA requires iOS 8 and higher
  2. The text in a chat message can not be edited when you are typing. You need to backspace to edit text in the beginning of your sentence.

Getting started with SOTERIA:

  1. Remember to also check out The Getting Started step-by-step guide.

  2. Click here for the Support page with step-by-step instructions on setting up SOTERIA for first time users

The Safe Freeway Project in the Media

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The Safe Freeway Project sends all their broadcast updates via the Broadcast Channels of SOTERIA. You will be able to choose any one or multiple broadcast channels in SOTERIA to receive relevant real-time updates with regards to conditions on the Freeways you travel especially the notoriously dangerous N2 aka “Hell-run”