About Us

About Us:

Safety Information Systems is a Social Safety Company. We make road and neighborhood safety available to everyone through your own Social Networks. We provide the infrastructure for your family, friends and colleagues to respond to your safety incidents and our Incident Control Centre keeps you informed with real-time, relevant information. Our products include The Safe Freeway Project and The Soteria Mobile Application.


Definition of Social Safety: 

Social Safety is a phrase coined by Safety Information Systems to describe what we do. We believe we are pioneers in this space. Social Safety is peer to peer online security where the person in need of physical safety or security is assisted by his or her Social Media network of contacts. In Facebook terms you are assisted by your friends. Social Safety also comes from the concept of communities standing together to fight crime and to improve their neighborhoods. Safety Information Systems provides the infrastructure for Social Safety with our Mobile Application called Soteria. Create your Social Safety Network today and #GetSoteria


More about Soteria:

Soteria is a Social Safety Mobile application like no other. Soteria will help you utilize your Social Networks as a Safety Net in times of need.

So much more than an Emergency Panic Button, Soteria will be the first Application you open each day, giving you up-to-date personalized broadcasts about your Neighborhood, Freeways and major incidents in your area. These validated, real-time and relevant broadcasts originate from a 24/7 manned Incident Control Centre (ICC) with a diverse network of information feeds. Through Soteria you can select the broadcast channel you want to receive, helping you make informed decisions around your travel and safety.

Built into Soteria is our Watch Over Me (WOM) function, giving you access to the pinpoint location of your loved ones. WOM is activated by the user wishing to be watched over for a period of time. Only your selected trusted WOM contacts can track your real-time GPS position plotted on a google map. WOM will become your ataraxis or peace of mind.

Create your Safety Groups in four predefined categories: On the Road, In your Neighborhood, Your family and Emergency contacts. Your On the Road groups will become your responders while you are traveling on our notorious freeways, here you can report your own incidents while driving and other incidents that you witness while on the road. In your Neighborhood groups are the friends, family and neighbors who will respond to your incidents at home or in your neighborhood. Your family groups are for your private family communications keeping all the communications around a topic or incident in one place visible only to those you select to be in these groups. The Emergency contacts are for serious incidents requiring quick access to police, fire and medical responders. All these incidents are supported by our ICC.

At the base of Soteria is a versatile stable chat (instant messaging) platform that you can use to communicate to your Soteria contacts. It includes advanced features like sending pictures, contacts and locations.

#GetSoteria and get #PeaceofMind



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