SOTERIA – The Social Safety App

SOTERIA is an app thank connects like minded individuals. It is a tool that helps us stand together, united for safer roads and communities. There is nothing more powerful than a community standing united for a cause. Join the SOTERIA Network. Download SOTERIA here


Please be aware that SOTERIA is in it’s infancy (beta) still and we are still fixing minor bugs. Your patience and feedback is highly appreciated as you pioneer this ultimate safety app with us. We have already identified some small bugs that will soon be corrected. Please read though the below issues while we correct these known bugs.

General issues:

  1. If you are already a subscriber with The Safe Freeway Project, you need to sill register with SOTERIA and your subscription will be transfered to the SOTERIA database
  2. SOTERIA is only available to Android 5.0 users and above
    • If your Android version is outdated please notify The Safe Freeway Project, so you can stay on their WhatsApp Broadcast list for notifications until you upgrade your phone to Android 5.0 or above.
  3. We do not yet have a tutorial in SOTERIA. Therefore we strongly suggest you read through the Getting Started post as well as the Step-By-Step instruction forum on setting SOTERIA up.
  4. Note: When you close SOTERIA you will still receive push Notifications when we broadcast an update through any of the channels you have joined. We suggest closing SOTERIA so that the background plugin does not keep running. This will use more than usual battery power. The background plugin should only keep running when you have WOM activated.
    1. Android user: You close the app by pressing the back button continually until you get the pop-up message to confirm you want to exit SOTERIA.
    2. Apple users: Press the Single (home) button twice and swipe SOTERIA upwards will close the app.

Hauwei users:

  1. Read the important notice on Huawei – Click Here for post
  2. Huawei has a very aggressive battery saving policy and therefore prevents apps to run in the background. There are some manual settings that need to be set up to receive these push notifications.

iPhone users:

  1. SOTERIA requires iOS 8 and higher
  2. The text in a chat message can not be edited when you are typing. You need to backspace to edit text in the beginning of your sentence.

Getting started with SOTERIA:

  1. Remember to also check out The Getting Started step-by-step guide.

  2. Click here for the Support page with step-by-step instructions on setting up SOTERIA for first time users

Getting Started with the SOTERIA app

Ok, so now you have downloaded SOTERIA, what now. We recognize that SOTERIA is a big app with many new features and concepts. With this needs to come some training and help on getting started. This post will just guide you through the basic set up of SOTERIA. If you follow these steps, Your SOTERIA will be ready for use. In this post I am not going to explain what each function does or how it works, only to set it up. There will be links for deeper explanations with each functionality that is mentioned here.

Step 1 – Registering with SOTERIA

  1. On the Splash Screen, select the “REGISTER” button
  2. Fill in the following details
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • Password
  3. Click “Next”
    • Enter your cell number
      1. Remember to enter it in the following format +27 98 765 4321
      2. Your cell phone will be used for verification and an OTP will be sms’s to you
  4. Once you have received the OTP via SMS you can enter it in the field provided
  5. You will be directed back to the Splash Screen
  6. Click on the “LOGIN” button
  7. Enter your phone number you registered
    • Remember it is in the format +27 98 765 4321
  8. Enter you password in the field provided
  9. Click “Sign In”

STEP 2 – Update Your Personal Details

  1. Click on Menu
  2. Select “Me – My personal details”
  3. Click on the Pencil to activate edit mode
  4. Update your details
  5. Click on the “Save” button to upload and save details

STEP 3 – Joining a broadcast channel

  1. Click menu button – top right
  2. Select “Broadcast Channels” in the menu options
  3. Click “Join New Channel” button – top right
  4. You can use the search field to search for a specific channel
  5. Select the Broadcast Channel you want to join from the list.
  6. Confirm your selection of Broadcast Channel by clicking on ok
  7. You will be directed back to the main Broadcast Channel screen. This screen shows you the channels you have joined.

STEP 4 – Add Contacts

  1. Click “Menu” button top right
  2. In the Menu, select “Contacts”
  3. Click on the “Add Contact” button
  4. Type in the Search Field the name of the person or part thereof as it appears in your address book
  5. Click on “Search” button
  6. Select the person you want to add as a SOTERIA contact
  7. Click OK to confirm that you want to add this person to your SOTERIA contacts
  8. SOTERIA will then check the local database to see if this person is a SOTERIA user
    1. If this person you selected is a SOTERIA user then SOTERIA will add him/her to your SOTERIA contacts
    2. If this person is not already a SOTERIA user then you will get a message that he/she is not registered with SOTERIA
    3. Contact this person and tell them to download SOTERIA and register as you would like them to be part of your SOTERIA network
  9. If you have more than one number saved for that person in your address book, SOTERIA will check all the numbers to see if it can find a match.


STEP 5 – Groups

  1. Groups are important and used differently in SOTERIA
  2. Before sending an alert you have to have a group set up in that category !!!NB!!!
  3. Now you can start adding groups. Go here and read in our Support Forum how to do that.
  4. How to Add Groups

WOM – Watch Over Me

  1. Read here to find out what WOM is and how to set WOM up


Check out our support Forum here