Designed around you

    Every feature was engineered around putting your personal safety first.

    The Complete Awareness Package

    Let’s face it. Life forces you into some pretty scary situations, But if your smartphone is with you, we’re with you. And if your instincts turn into a real emergency? We automatically send police to your exact location.


    Organise with Groups

    Create groups for family, friends, neighbours and more

    Flexible Location Sharing

    You decide when to share your location with each Group

    Invite Only

    Only Group members can see each other's messages and locations


    Group Chat

    The easiest way to send a message to everyone at once


    Private messaging is just a click away


    Stay informed with group alerts


    Check in

    Avoid annoying ``where are you`` messages when you’re out and about

    At-A-Glance Info

    Get easy access to messaging, Alerts and more from your home screen


    Stay informed with group alerts

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    Take a closer look at a few of our functionalities

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    Nicky West

    Facebook Comment

    “ Once again Safe N2 comes through for us. Ruschton Fisher never met you but you have responded to WhatsApp messages from me before and your professionalism and quick response to assist impress me every time. You are a rare gem and we are truly lucky to have you backing us every day (along with Marc and the rest off the crew) “

    Compliment to SOTERIA Operator for The Safe Freeway Project

    Elmien Heroldt

    Facebook Comment

    “ I can vouch for excellent notifications from the Safe N2 team! I'm always aware of what's going on! “

    Compliment to SOTERIA Services for The Safe Freeway Project

    Erik Silva

    Facebook Comment

    “ Service from your team is excellent!!! Thx so much for all the info!!! “

    Compliment to SOTERIA Services for The Safe Freeway Project

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